ASHA – Anoopam Sanjivani Health Awareness Project

Anoopam Mission under the divine guidance and vision of Param Pujya Sahebji is the first and the only NGO, Catering to medical needs of the dwellers in the remote areas of Narmada region.

Anoopam Mission has facilitated a mobile clinic that has been working incessantly for health care concerns of tribal people residing in the Satpura region of Narmada District, Gujarat, India.


ASHA project under the patronage of Anoopam Mission organizes –
  • Periodical Camps, Wherein the specialised physicians provide free consultation, medication, health and hygiene related guidance to the people of the vicinity
  • Free transportation of patients for further treatment at nearby city hospitals.
  • Various health awareness sessions with the help of audio-visual DVD shows
  • Anaemia Prevention programs which looks into the malnutrition issues and provides iron pills, food grains and supplementary food to help the needy.
  • Child Birth awareness program, wherein a proper training is given to the midwives to check the childbirth hassles and ensure safe deliveries.
  • Cancer awareness program with the object of early treatment and prevention of the disease at the initial stage.
  • Other programs like Tree Plantation Program, Sustainable Development Program, Blood Donation Motivation Program, Vyasan Mukti Program.
  • Other programs like Tree Plantation Program, Sustainable Development Program, Blood Donation Motivation Program, Vyasan Mukti Program.
ASHA Project also undertakes the following programs periodically –
  • HB count check up camps
  • Blood group detection camps
  • Eye camps
  • Blood pressure detection camps
  • Diabetes awareness and detection camps
ASHA Project undertakes FREE distribution of –
  • Pediatric Drops
  • Iron tonic/Capsules
  • Anti worm Tablets
  • Vitamin A Supplements
  • Mediceness
  • Sarees

History, Growth and development undertaken with the help of ASHA project since 2006 –

Geographical & Social Circumstances of Narmada District
  • Many villages of Narmada District have poor geographical situation which worsen their socio-economic developments which affects their health status too.
  • Some villages are made up of scattered houses located on different hills in interior areas.
  • Village made up of scattered houses positioned on different hills.
  • Commuting to the nearest city is only possible by foot, bike or vehicle like Jeep. People in hilly areas do not have many Job Opportunities.
Major Issues, Lack of Infrastructure & Common Illness
  • Major Issues like Education, Hygiene, Health, Unemployment, Poverty
  • Lack of Infrastructure like Electricity, Telephone, Transportation, Medical Centre, Primary Schooling with rare amenities etc.
  • Common Illness like Malnutrition, Anemia, Night Blindness (Nyctalopia), Lice & Nit , Scabies, Worms, Diarrhea and Vomiting

Under the banner of ASHA, initially Anoopam Mission has adopted 11 villages of Nandod Taluka, Narmada District and started working in the areas of health and hygiene improvement, education, self-employment and integrated and sustainable development of villages.

Currently Anoopam Mission has extended services towards 36 villages.

A Mobile Clinic is the real remedy and great service to humanity.

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