NavShilanyas Mahavidhi

April 1, 2017

A mandir is an ocean of spiritual energy alive with the presence of the Divine.

NavShilaNyas Vidhi of the proposed Shikharbaddh Mandir at Brahmajyoti campus is a very important milestone in the spiritual journey of Sant Bhagwant Sahebji inspired Satsangis. Considering the meticulousness with which Anoopam Mission carries out all its activities & the large scale of this development of a mandir at Mogri, one would have thought that such an event would be planned for months and the big muhurat date would be announced well in advance. But Sant Bhagwant Sahebji has His own unique ways. On deep thinking on this sudden announcement of Khat Muhurat, it appears that there is an important teaching that Sahebdada wanted to give is that to be ‘always geared up’ in the service of God & Guru. Once our Guru expresses a task, all that a Shishya should do is to pull in all his abilities in accomplishing it, unconditionally. This is the mission Anoopam Mission’s Vratdhari brothers took up spiritedly in a very short time span of 05 days after Sahebdada announced His wish to have the Khat Muhurat on 01 April 2017, A Pragatyadin of Late Sadguru Sant Pujya V S Patel.

A fantastic platform – both on the ground & underground, literary – was created in a matter of few days, all this to please Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebdada.

On entering the mandap, one could experience a unique sense of peace and contentment that this was ‘The Destination’; a wisdom of achievement overflowed within that it is ‘once in a life time privilege’ to be a part of this epic day. Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebdada expressed happiness on the detailing gone in creating facilities for the NavShilaNyas Vidhi, and on Santo, Haribhakto, Gunantit Jyot Sant Baheno making it possible to be present despite a short notice and those watching the proceedings live across the world.

History of the year 1987 was recalled when the entire planning was in place for constructing a temple at Anoopam Mission, Mogri. Funds too were accumulated for the construction. But Sant Bhagwant Sahebji has His own unique ways to express Gurubhakti towards his Guru, Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj. On the occasion of the 100th birth year of Yogiji Maharaj, those funds accumulated for constructing the temple were diverted to construct a college for women in the remote backward village Dhari – but the most divine region, as Dhari is the birth place of Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj. That region completely lacked education facilities beyond standard ten and twelve for girls and for Sant Bhagwant Sahebji, service to humanity, is indeed service to God. Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya (Vidya Mandir) took precedence then over constructing a temple (Mandir) in Mogri. Today was the day that this long standing wish of 30 years was taking shape.

The ceremony was conducted in most pious vedic culture by Pujya Dr Manojbhai Soni under the guidance of Sadguru Sant Pujya Shantibhai. The message given by Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebdada was that these temples are the source and inspiration to transform human beings into temples (Jangam Mandir).

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