Career Guidance

Year of Commencement : 22nd June 1997

We provide screening & counseling services to the children. Parents of children with special needs are helped to overcome the challenges related in managing the child’s development and behavior by focusing on their child’s abilities. This way they learn to cope and enhance social & behavioral skills in a comfortable environment.

Children from mainstream schools who fail to show satisfactory progress in academics, face emotional problems and learning difficulties which is a barrier in their future learning. They are counseled and given guidance through experts.

NeelkanthVarni Balwadi & Vidhyalay

Year of Commencement : 30th April 2013


Our pre-primary school Neelkanthvarni Balwadi is for pre-schooler. The teaching methodology at all stages follow child care technique.
The pre-primary school design(strategy) is a point of convergence on the all-round improvement of an infant which assimilates are like physical, mental and emotional care accompanied with spiritual nourishment that inculcates the value of faith, love and devotion for god. In our school every student matters and every moments count.

We offer our children
  • Care and concern
  • better values and creativity
  • Constant guidance of the teacher
  • help to spread their wings.
  • Small toy corner and a beautiful playing place

It is a primary school from 1st to 7th standard. The school is affiliated to primary education Government of Gujarat. The school follows the same curriculum designed by the Education Board of state Government.
The school’s core aim is to give maximum benefit to large number of students. The school provide many facilities to the students keeping their all around development in mind. Thus, at every step of mantra of development in view, we march towards new level of excellence.


The vision of the school is to build an institution of excellence in all spheres: imparting holistic education with overall grooming of children. To prepare dynamic and caring citizens equipped to meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values.

Unique features
  • The school provide a high quality learning environment where children respect each other’s possessions. Co-operate in the maintenance of tidy well organized classrooms.
  • All children are included in all activities. We do encourage to do their best with quality of opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender or special needs.
  • All festivals are celebrated at the schools.
  • Classical music and technology education is given.
  • In our school one finds a learning environment that is student friendly, stress free yet intellectually challenging, so that the children spend the best years of their lives fruitfully.
  • We want them to be critical thinkers, problems solvers, lifelong learners and contented individuals of a responsible society.

Pragnan Tirth

Sarvangi Shikshan Sansthan – A New School Project

Our Vision

All Round Development in Children Inculcating Skills and Values… The child is a seed, bursting with potential. With the best education, the seed sprouts and grows. Nourished with values, the tree blooms with leaves and flowers. Nurtured with extra-curricular skills, the tree bears fruits, Achieving its fullest potential.

Give our children the best. The seed must not grow into a barren tree, that nourishes only itself, But like the mighty tree, that stretches it branches, and gives both shade and fruit. Gifting our communities, children that will be Intelligent, responsible, accomplished individuals Contributing to the good of society.

Phases of Development

The Project shall be developed phasewise, on availability of fund.First phase shall aims at completion of buildings of school for Handicap children with Multiple Disability and ANAND BALWADI, housing Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG.

This new development will aim to provide excellent amenities and holistic environment.


School for Handicap children with Multiple Disability and ANAND BALWADI


Primary School, Secondary & Higher Secondary School


Staff Quarters, Dining Hall, Hostels, Prayer hall, Administration block and Auditorium

We Need Your Support

Anoopam Mission is a non-profit organization. This school will cater to children from low to middle income groups, giving them access to quality education, otherwise beyond their means, at a very nominal fees.

This is the vision of Anoopam Mission’s spiritual head and President, Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji. Please join us in realizing this vision. Donations can be made by cheques payable to: ANOOPAM MISSION. Donation to this project is eligible for exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Legal Registrations :

Anoopam Mission is a Public Charitable Trust, Regd. No. E/1390/Anand. Dt. 03-09-2001 (Original Regd. No. Kheda / E / 2422dt. 13-8-1976) with
Charity Commissioner, under Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act 1950.
Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976, Regd. No. 042040035

Sahajanand KalaSadhana Tirth

Sahajanand kala sadhana tirth, like many other institutions of Anoopam Mission providing educational services, is a creation inspired and guided by Sant Bhagwant Sahebji.

Sahajanand kala sadhana tirth was created with the purpose of making it easy for interested students to learn various art forms like Vocal music (Classical and Sugam), Instrumental music (Indian and Western instruments), Dance (Bharat Natyam and Kathak), Drawing, Sculpture, Computer Graphic art and Puppetry.

Sahajanand kala sadhana tirth intends to impart this education through finest trainings, stage performances and organized presentations; guided by the best experts, renowned artists and venerable Art Gurus.

Anand Balwadi

Year of Commencement : 12th June 1989


The pre-school program of Anand Balwadi was established for the “tiny tots” in the age group of 2.5 to 5.5 years.
Prior to admission in Nursery, children join the playgroup activity with their mothers for two months. In these 2 months, the mother & the child get acquainted with the school environment and the teacher. They also become aware about the curriculum of Anand Balwadi and its teaching methodology. Due to play group, the weaning period for both-the mother and the child become pleasurable.
The pre-school program is for 3 years- Nursery, Junior kg & Senior kg.

Objectives of Anand Balwadi
  • To make children confident in their life.
  • To inculcate moral values in the children.
  • To develop self-esteem in children.
  • To make children independent in daily living skills.
  • To foster creativity, care & education.
  • To provide an encouraging & nurturing environment.
  • To provide a child friendly, safe, secure & stimulating environment.
  • To develop enthusiasm in children towards learning.

The program is designed to bring about the “All round development” in the child in a free and secured environment. Anand Balwadi follows play way method, activity & project based method. The curriculum framework includes.

  • Physical Development (motor)
    Gross motor & Fine motor
  • Language Development
    Receptive language & Expressive language
  • Cognitive Development
    Sensory Stimulation & Pre-readiness concepts including pre-reading, pre-writing, pre- arithmetic & reasoning & thinking skills.
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Practical skill development
  • Creative & analytical thinking

Our unique features
  • Use teaching aids, puppets, flashcards, drama, storytelling etc.
  • Audio visual stimulation using digital technique.
  • Use of musical instruments.
  • Ongoing teachers’ enrichment program.
  • Parents meetings.
  • Different experts’ talks are arranged for the mothers e.g. the Pediatrician, Dietician, Dentist
    and the child development expert wherein the mother can have interaction regarding her child’s development,
    behavioral problems, eating habits, etc.
  • Parents training program.

In Anand Balwadi the child comes without a bag. It is totally a burden free education. Anand Balwadi runs for five days a week. Children have weekend holidays

Gnanyagna Vidyalaya

Year of Commencement : 12th June 1989

Primary and Secondary Education

Gnanyagna Vidyalaya works with the goal of offering quality education alongside the values and virtues of Indian culture to bring all-round development of the child. The primary school comprises of Standard 1 to 8 and is duly recognised by the Director of Primary Education Department. While it follows the prescribed government curriculum, the school strives hard to incorporate many other activities to bring about the all-round development of the children.
The Secondary and Higher Secondary School is from 9th to 10th and 11th and 12th standard (General stream) respectively. The school is duly recognised and follows the curriculum designed by the Secondary and Higher Secondary School Education Board (GSEB) Gandhinagar.

  • The school has a well-equipped Computer Laboratory with latest computers and software. Computer systems are adequately configured and powered with the latest technology.
  • The School has well equipped Science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with latest scientific equipment.
  • The school has a well stocked and furnished library with approximately 10,000 books and a spacious reading hall facility. The library is kept updated with Dictionaries, Newspapers, Magazines, Encyclopaedias, biographies of successful people, maps, charts, reference materials of academic subjects and much more.
  • The Projector room facility is availed to students to provide for an improved learning experience using digital mediums.

Unique Features
  • The medium of instruction is Gujarati but English as a second language is mandatory from the 1st standard.
  • All children are introduced to art class, classical music and dance classes by well-qualified instructors.
  • All major festivals, regardless of religion, are celebrated at the school.
  • Students actively participate in various state and national level competitions in areas such as: drawing, writing, debate, elocution and various sports.
  • We help school children to become stable, well-rounded and morally integrated personalities by providing moral education alongside other subjects which is one of the salient features of the school.
  • The school has both boys and girls NCC troops. Every year, 50 boys and 50 girls are recruited in the NCC troops. The students are encouraged and guided to join RDC camp in Delhi. Every year Independence Day and Republic day celebrations are held in the school to inculcate patriotic feelings among students.

Sharda Mandir

Year of Commencement : 12th June 1967

Primary Education

Sharda mandir Balwadi and Primary school is established in the year of 1967 on 12th June by Late Shree Dinkerray Pandya and Late Smt. Vimuben Pandya in the town of Nadiad with an objective of imparting quality based education on primary level and continuing the tradition of excellence in education.
The pillar and founder of the school is Reverent Vimuben Pandya and Dinerray Pandya and therefore in sweet memory of the great luminaries the name of Pre Primary school is given as “Sharda Mandir: Vimuben Dinerray Pandya Prathmik Shikshan Sankul” and name of Primary school is given as “Sharda Mandir: Dinerray Bapalal Pandya Prathmik Shikshan Sankul”.


To become revered institution run by mostly nuns (Sadhvis) of Gunatit Jyot (A religious order comprised of Swaminarayan Nuns), the prime concern of the institution is to provide value based education while grooming a child in modern era to be a capable, responsible, ideal citizen by creating a matured learning environment with teaching and parental community at large.


At Sharda Mandir our prime concern is to “Nurture, inspire and flourish”. We will strive to ignite our children’s enthusiasm and desire to learn.


The institution is committed to provide stable, culture and value based, caring and supportive family-like the best education environment with able academicians.


The institution is providing child friendly, healthy and safe atmosphere that will empower every child to overcome his innate skills. The institution is also exposing them to practical environment where they can have scope to expose their talents. To meet the requirement of digital India mission, the institution is providing computer education at primary level.

Salient Features of School
  • It recognizes as the most authentic and the best school in the area.
  • The school is awarding “Late Shri Dinkerray Pandya Smruti Puraskar” to the top ten meritorious students of each class of every school within the vicinity of the town Nadiad.
  • It is witnessed that on each year there is not less than 5 students who have not awarded scholarship from the state government. It is surely a matter of pride for the institution.
  • The school is also working upon maximizing students over -all health through self development program like sports activities, scout-guides, exercises and cultural programs and many like events.
  • It also inculcates deep rooted respect in students for the environment by planting trees campaign under the guidance and supervision of an expert teacher for the subject.

‘MITRA’ Rehabilition Centre

Year of Commencement : 15th July 1993

Help children with special needs to lead a life with dignity and self respect

Mitra is a vision of Anoopam Mission’s President Sant Bhagwant Sahebji Maharaj.

Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is one of the wings of Yogi Vidyapeeth, an educational nucleus of Anoopam Mission. Since July 1993, Mitra Rehabilitation Centre-the first of its kind in the whole Anand district is catering to the needs of the Differently Abled from infants to adults. Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is bound to satisfy the needs of the Differently Abled and it enables the disables to Step into the world. In this selfless service, our inspirer is Sant Bhagwant Sahebji-Spiritual Master of Anoopam Mission. Our aim is to provide exceptional services and training to the children with special needs to become self sustaining individuals. This will help them to lead their life with dignity and self respect to become productive members of the society.

Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is a non government organization, providing a day care program. Its uniqueness is in its services…….

Our Services
  • Disha – Child Guidance and Counseling Centre
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Early Intervention and Sensory Stimulation Program
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Homebound program
  • Integration Program
  • Professional Training Program
  • Parents Education Program
  • Consultation Services
  • Awareness Programs
  • Workshop
    Vocational training program is conducted in the workshop having different workstations such as Embroidery and appliqué work, Tailoring, Jewellery, making, Paper bag, Envelopes, Decorative covers, Pen stand, Flower vase, Keyboard making, Diya making, Doormats, etc.
  • Special Education Program
    • Physical motor skills
    • Self help skills
    • Communication skills
    • Cognitive abilities
    • Computer skills
    • Social and Emotional skills
    • Domestic skills
    • Vocational skills
    • Leisure time activities.
Our Achievements
  • Representation in Special Olympics at national and international levels.
  • Networking with professional groups.
  • Exhibitions of products made by the Differently Abled at National level.
  • Winner in dance competition at National level.
  • Placements of the Differently Abled in the community.
  • Employment of the Differently Abled in our centre itself.
  • Four Intellectually disabled students cleared SSC examination through NIOS.
  • Eight students are now abroad after receiving training in our centre.
  • Students who were integrated in the past are now pursuing higher studies and some are successfully employed.
Mission and Values
  • To help them to lead their life with dignity and self respect parallel to the community
  • To provide exceptional services and training to the children with special needs
  • We value network with professions, parents and those who volunteer to be part of our team
  • The team of professionals is committed to the work and to the quality of improvement
Our Future plans
  • Development of training and research facilities
  • Consortium services for educational equipments and teaching aids
  • Therapeutic mobile clinic to reach out in remote areas

Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya (YMM)

Year of Commencement : June 1993
Arts & Commerce College for Women

For the last several years, Anoopam Mission has endeavored to provide wide access to a high standard of value-based education in the community far and wide in the areas of Gujarat. As a concrete step towards uplifting the cause of women with the power of education and literacy, the Mission laid the foundations of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya in the remote village Dhari (Amreli District), a socially and economically backward area on the outskirts of Gir Forests, Gujarat.

The Mahavidayalaya is affiliated with Saurashtra university and sprawls across a thoughtfully planned campus. Large majority of students come from over 26 small villages lying in adjoining areas. To them, this much respected institution offers valuable education in the form of Arts and Commerce Degree courses, as well as Computer Courses.
Tailoring classes has been started for the students and the women of nearby villages.

Unique Features
  • Specially established by Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji at the birthplace of his gurudev, Brahmaswarup Param Pujya Yogiji Maharaj on the occasion of their Birth Centenary Celebrations.
  • The college serves to raise the educational standards in an area which suffers from 65% illiteracy
  • The college had serve more then 4,500 graduates till-date

Akshar Purushottam Technical Institute

Year of Commencement : 3rd August 1987

Civil Engineering Education

The institute offers course of Computer Aided Civil and Architectural Drafting. This institute was established in 1987 to allow young villagers with few educational and employment opportunities to obtain specific job-oriented and computer-aided technical skills for use in the rapidly expanding construction industry. It is a recognised course of 2 years by Directorate of Technical Education Board, Gujarat State.

Unique Features
  • Education provided in building and construction work, civil engineering and architectural drafting, computer drafting, survey work and model making
  • Completion of course enables students to work as Independent Civil / Architectural Draftsman, Building Contractors and Model-Makers.
  • Scholarships are provided to students who require financial aid.
  • Course work incorporates the need for environmental awareness.
  • 100% Result and also achieved 1st, 3rd & 7th RankTEB in the year 2001- 2002.
  • 100% Result and also achieved 1st, 3rd & 4th Rank in TEB in the year 2002- 2003.
  • Activities – Tour, Seminar, Celebrations.

Information Technology Center

Year of Commencement : August 1988

Computer Training Centre

Information Technology Centre(ITC) was established in 1988 and is now one of the largest paragon Computer Training Segments in Gujarat, India. ITCis able to successfully fulfill its visionthrough its rural location in Mogri, Gujarat. This allows youth from all areas to gain access to the high level of IT education that ITC offers. ITCis managed by Anoopam Mission – a non-profit, multinational charity organization aiming at the upliftment of society through various social welfare projects. ITC is run by the Saints of Anoopam Mission, who are pivotal in encouraging a sense of moral and cultural responsibility.

We firmly believe that the student, in essence, is a raw material and has to be molded into a product. Such a great transition requires a perfectly designed teaching methodology. It is an accepted truth that conventional teaching methodsareunable to deliver the high standards which the IT industry expects. Through our years of teaching experiences, constant student observations, student evaluations and consultations with industry members and academics, we have been able to design our own original and innovative teaching methodologies. These methodologies have resulted in Excellence Awards at National and International Levels, which immediately puts ITC’s teaching methods in direct competition with other National and International IT Institutions.

Due to our dedication to deliver a high level of education, ITC graduates are well-respected by IT companies for their unparalleled IT skills and knowledge base. It is due to this commitment to deliver high standards that has permitted ITC to increase its affiliations with the IT Industry. This combination of delivering a high quality education and maintaining associations with the IT Industry automatically increases the employability of ITC graduates.

The end product of the entire ITC process results in a well-rounded graduate with exceptional IT knowledge, moral and cultural values, and a secure place in the IT industry—Mission accomplished!

“The Overall goal of ITC is to build on all aspects of a student’s development, encompassing intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth”

Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

In order to stimulate and encourage students to pursue further education, Anoopam Mission distributes a variety of prizes and scholarships to high achievers. In addition, as lack of financial resources frequently prevents intelligent and hardworking students from progressing their education, freeships are awarded to all students.

Students studying in Yogiji Maharaj MahaVidyalaya, dhari affiliated to Saurastra University have privilege of receiving below awards

Scholarships & Prizes

“Orpat” Gold Medal

Faculty and Year : Third and final year graduation students of Arts (T.Y.B.A)
Position : Students securing the 1st rank by acquiring highest marks in the languages.
Subjects : Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit.

Subject wise medals are awarded each year.

“ILUdidi Shah” Gold Medal

Faculty and Year : Third and Final year graduation students of Arts faculty (T.Y.B.A)
Position : Students securing the 1st rank by acquiring highest marks in the subject.
Subject : Psychology

“Shri N R SHAH” Gold Medal

Faculty and Year : Third and Final Year graduation students of Commerce faculty (T. Y. B. Com)
Position : Students securing first rank by acquiring over all highest score.

“Shri Umiben Bharatkumar Patel” Gold Medal

Faculty and Year : Third and Final Year graduation students of Commerce faculty, (T. Y. B. Com)
Position : Students securing first rank by acquiring highest score in Accountancy

“Shri Govindbhai & Narshihdas” Award

Best Sports Champion

Faculty and Year : students from all faculty
Position : Students securing first ranks

“Late Shri Mohanbhai Seth” Memento Prize
  • Students securing 1st & 2nd rank in std 7th, (primary), Gyanyagna Vidyalaya.
  • Students securing 1st & 2nd rank in std 10th, (secondary), Gyanyagna Vidyalaya.
  • First and second year students securing 1st & 2nd rank in “Computer Aided Civil & Architectural Drafting”, Akshar Purshottam Technical Institute.
  • Student securing 1st & 2nd rank in DOEACC “O” Level, ITC.
  • Final year Students of Commerce and Arts faculty of Yogiji Maharaj MahaVidyalaya securing second and Third ranks are awarded with this “Late Shri Mohanbhai Seth” Memento Prize.
Sonaba Kelavani Kaushalia Purashkar

Since 1970, Anoopam Mission has introduced a prize/ award/ honour for the excellence in education to motivate and inspire the children of Swaminarayan sect in the incessant fond remembrance of divine mother Param Pujya Sonaba, a mother enlightening the torch of learning.

To inspire as many as students of whole country, six zones are categorized. Students securing first and second ranks in std 1 to 12, both girls and boys of each zone totalling around 150 students on individual basis are awarded with this honour on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima every year.

Saheb Suvarna Jayanti Smruti Purashkar

In March 1990, Golden Jubilee celebration was held magnificently on the mortified land of Brahmajyoti, Mogri. Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji inspired to utilize all the funds collected on this day for the development of youths and thus, in the pious remembrance of this landmark event. Since 1991, Anoopam Mission offers “Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji Golden Jubilee celebration memento / Prize” on the auspicious delightful, colourful occasion of Dhuleti – a birthday of Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji.The students of the schools, in which Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji studied during this academic carrier and the students of the schools and institutes run under his guidance, inspirations and blessings are offered with this special recognition. There are more than 15 such schools, students, securing first, second and third ranks (from 1 to 12 std) awarded with this inspiring prize every year.

Village Name School Name
Sokhda Shri Shivam Vidyalaya
Shree Guru Jagaji Maharaj Vidyalaya
Anand D N Highschool
Mogri Gnanyagna Primary School
Gnanyagna Secondary School
Nadiad Sharda Mandir Primary School
Sharda Mandir Secondary School
Dhari Shri Bhimani Primary School
Smt. V P G Girls Highschool
Shri Dinkarray Pandya Smruti Purashkar

In the sacred remembrance of Late Shri Dinkarray Pandya, a Vratdhari Sadhak, trustee and a devoted educationist, Anoopam Mission has introduced ‘Late Shri Dinkarray Pandya Memento Prize.

Since 1994, on the death anniversary of Late Shri Dinkarray Pandya, first 10 students of all the primary schools of Nadiad town, the Karmabhumi of Late Shri Dinkarray Pandya are recognized and inspired with this great honour.

Brahmajyoti, Yogiji Marg, Mogri 388 345, District - Anand, Gujarat, India

Tel: +91(0)2692 230483 | E-mail: [email protected]