Eye & Dental Care Mobile Clinic

A mobile clinic van given by our health minister Mrs. Smruti Irani is organized a medical camp in Charotar Pradesh even in villages wherever it’s needed.

This medical camp is being organized with the help of specialist doctors, helpful haribhaktos and villagers.

  • Eye and dental check up without any charge for beneficiaries group of people.
  • They distribute spectacles at concession rate to eye patients and in the case of more treatment they admit them in Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra.
  • The mobile clinic van owns enough tools and equipment for diagnosis and treatment so patients feel satisfaction of examination.

Health Camps

Blood Donation Camps

Anoopam Mission regularly organizes Blood Donation Camps at the Mission’s headquarters Mogri as well as in other towns. A very good example is set by the sadhaks of Anoopam Mission, most of whom donate blood regularly.

The Anoopam Mission plans to expand its activities in this field by

  • Increasing public awareness regarding the need for urgent and regular blood supplies to the local hospitals.
  • Arranging regular seminars/donation camps amongst the rural population of Gujarat, and possibly in other states in the future.

Blood Donation Camps has been organised by Anoopam Mission across India and other countries, which includes Mogri, Amdavad, Vadodara, Surat, Manavadar, Borivali, Kharghar, USA, UK and Australia.

Body Check-up Camps

Check-ups are done for eyes, ears, nose and throat for the students of school being run by Anoopam Mission.
Anoopam Mission organises Medical Check-up Camps across India and other countries like UK, USA, Australia

Yoga Camps

Anoopam Mission followers regularly attend yoga camps for enhancing their physical and spiritual well-being. These camps are organised under the guidance of renowned Yoga “acharya” (master of Yoga)

Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra

Year of Commencement : 1st June 2008

A Unique Contribution of Anoopam Mission in the Area of Health

Sanjivani Aarogya Kendra was established in 1978 at Vallabh Vidyanagar. It was the only health centre in the entire area in those days. This health centre has been making free medical diagnosis with a little charge affordable by everyone for the last 30 years. This health centre has now been shifted and developed at Mogri so that the nearby village areas can get benefits of it. It was named as ‘Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra’ in 2008 and now it is on the way to progress.

The people of the village areas are provided with free/at concession rates medical diagnosis as well as treatment of the general diseases without any discriminations of race, religion or caste by Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra. In addition to that, attempts are made to prevent such diseases by organising various programmes on Health Awareness and through Preventive Education especially in the village areas.

Daily Diagnosis/Treatment at Free of Cost/Concession Rates
  • Daily O.P.D. (General)
  • Dental Treatment – Kusumben Surendrabhai Patel Smit Dental Treatment Division
  • Physiotherapy – Exercise Division

Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment by Specialist Doctors

Facilities like testing, diagnosis and treatment which are generally not available in the village areas. They are available in urban areas only.
Such facilities are provided to village people by the specialist doctors. The following facilities are available :

  • Orthopedic Diseases
  • Free Eye Check-up and Spectacles at a Concession Rate
  • Darmetologist (Skin)
  • Gynaecological Diseases
  • ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Diseases
Health Awareness Camps
  • Cancer Detection and Awareness programme – Lalitaba Cancer Detection and Awareness Division
  • Diabetes Education and Prevention
  • Heart Camp
  • Osteoporosis Camp
  • Pre-pregnancy and Post-pregnancy Care
  • De-addiction : Liberation from addictions like Smoking, Liquor
  • About AIDS
  • Eye Camp
  • Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Camp

Specialist Services
  • Abdominal Diseases (Diseases related to Stomach)
  • Diseases related to Bones and Joints
  • Diseases related to Chest and Lungs
  • Brain Diseases
  • Child Diseases (Paediatric Diseases)
  • X-Ray and Sonography

ASHA – Anoopam Sanjivani Health Awareness Project

Anoopam Mission under the divine guidance and vision of Param Pujya Sahebji is the first and the only NGO, Catering to medical needs of the dwellers in the remote areas of Narmada region.

Anoopam Mission has facilitated a mobile clinic that has been working incessantly for health care concerns of tribal people residing in the Satpura region of Narmada District, Gujarat, India.


ASHA project under the patronage of Anoopam Mission organizes –
  • Periodical Camps, Wherein the specialised physicians provide free consultation, medication, health and hygiene related guidance to the people of the vicinity
  • Free transportation of patients for further treatment at nearby city hospitals.
  • Various health awareness sessions with the help of audio-visual DVD shows
  • Anaemia Prevention programs which looks into the malnutrition issues and provides iron pills, food grains and supplementary food to help the needy.
  • Child Birth awareness program, wherein a proper training is given to the midwives to check the childbirth hassles and ensure safe deliveries.
  • Cancer awareness program with the object of early treatment and prevention of the disease at the initial stage.
  • Other programs like Tree Plantation Program, Sustainable Development Program, Blood Donation Motivation Program, Vyasan Mukti Program.
  • Other programs like Tree Plantation Program, Sustainable Development Program, Blood Donation Motivation Program, Vyasan Mukti Program.
ASHA Project also undertakes the following programs periodically –
  • HB count check up camps
  • Blood group detection camps
  • Eye camps
  • Blood pressure detection camps
  • Diabetes awareness and detection camps
ASHA Project undertakes FREE distribution of –
  • Pediatric Drops
  • Iron tonic/Capsules
  • Anti worm Tablets
  • Vitamin A Supplements
  • Mediceness
  • Sarees

History, Growth and development undertaken with the help of ASHA project since 2006 –

Geographical & Social Circumstances of Narmada District
  • Many villages of Narmada District have poor geographical situation which worsen their socio-economic developments which affects their health status too.
  • Some villages are made up of scattered houses located on different hills in interior areas.
  • Village made up of scattered houses positioned on different hills.
  • Commuting to the nearest city is only possible by foot, bike or vehicle like Jeep. People in hilly areas do not have many Job Opportunities.
Major Issues, Lack of Infrastructure & Common Illness
  • Major Issues like Education, Hygiene, Health, Unemployment, Poverty
  • Lack of Infrastructure like Electricity, Telephone, Transportation, Medical Centre, Primary Schooling with rare amenities etc.
  • Common Illness like Malnutrition, Anemia, Night Blindness (Nyctalopia), Lice & Nit , Scabies, Worms, Diarrhea and Vomiting

Under the banner of ASHA, initially Anoopam Mission has adopted 11 villages of Nandod Taluka, Narmada District and started working in the areas of health and hygiene improvement, education, self-employment and integrated and sustainable development of villages.

Currently Anoopam Mission has extended services towards 36 villages.

A Mobile Clinic is the real remedy and great service to humanity.

AMMAA – Anoopam Mission Mahila Aarogya Abhiyan

Year of Commencement : 2007

Anoopam Mission Mahila Aarogya Abhiyan

Anoopam Mission is an international socio-spiritual charitable organization and a public registered trust. It is grounded in the Swaminarayan faith, which fuels its drive to serve humanity selflessly. Through the vision of its spiritual leader Sant Bhagwant Sahebji, Anoopam Mission works to elevate communities in every way, through provision of education, health-care, disaster relief, social welfare and cultural and community based activities. Today, through these numerous activities, Anoopam Mission has reached out to change the lives of those most in need.

In the field of healthcare, Anoopam Mission’s numerous initiatives include a community health centre, a mobile clinic (for interior rural villages), eye camps, nature cure hospital, health awareness campaigns and much more.

AMMAA is a unique healthcare programme that was launched by Anoopam Mission in 2007 to target the health-care needs of underprivileged women and girls. The mother’s role in each family unit is of utmost importance. Only if she is physically and mentally healthy, will she be able to raise a complete and healthy family, leading to a healthy community. However, the health care needs of these women are usually ignored or considered unaffordable with respect to the rest of the family’s needs. Consequently, in the long run not only the woman but the whole family unit suffers when the woman in the household falls ill.

The AMMAA program was thus begun, through which check-ups and treatments are carried out for women, for common illnesses such as anemia and back pain to more serious illnesses like cancer, regardless of caste, creed, race or religion.

Through the AMMAA program, Anoopam Mission has undertaken the humanitarian task of screening for

  • Regular Health check-ups
  • Preventive Treatment for Anemia
  • Eye Check up
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoporosis
  • Breast and Uterine Cervical Cancer
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Pregnancy Related Disorders
  • Obesity and other Girl Child Health related issues

So far thousands of women and girls have benefitted from these services, including those in interior rural areas.

AMMAA’s objective is to provide both health-care and health awareness, to bring about happy, healthy communities.

Nature Cure

Year of Commencement : 1980

In addition to modern health services, Anoopam Mission has been constantly engaged in reviving the habit of a healthy life-style in tune with nature, while researching into remedies which are natural in essence, effect and practice.

It is a tribute to the work of Late Shri Vitthalbhai Patel and Late Smt. Sushilaben Patel. They both were dedicated to the world of Naturopathy and cherished a dream to serve the society by way of an alternative system of medicine, which is now carried out by Anoopam Mission as a part of its health programme.

The campus of V.A.Munshi Nature Cure Centre is situated in serene 6-acre land, surrounded by greenery to support the holistic health care system. The atmosphere in the campus adds positive vibrations to the surroundings & enhances the process of curing through naturopathy & yoga. Health seekers, not only from India, but also from other countries visit this centre.

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Cancer Awareness Program

The Anoopam Mission has undertaken to bring about direct awareness about cancer to the mass population, in their own language, to their very doorstep.

The Cancer Awareness Mobile Exhibition covered 32 major towns and villages, covering more than 4,500km, throughout the state of Gujarat.

  • The objective of the campaign was to highlight the need for early diagnosis and prevention of cancer
  • More than 2 million people have seen the Mobile Exhibition
  • Leaflets, handbills and posters were utilized to spread the message of cancer awareness

Netra Yagna

Anoopam Mission is organising Eye Camps in Dhari and Chhapaiya.

Thousands of people have benefited as a result of its efforts. It is very encouraging to know that these camps have received recognition abroad.

Doctors from the U.S.A. and U.K. have been providing their services hand in hand with doctors and nurses from India. The services provided range from the detection of various anatomical irregularities through eye examinations, cataract removals to Intraocular lens (IOL) implants and the supply of prescription appliances.

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